Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's get it started!

I am back at home for the new semester! Yay! I flew down yesterday for an induction today, having expected to be given a certificate. While attendance was not necessary, the overachiever in me was desperate for a win after a long streak without. After high school, where I got a certificate almost every week for something or other, I've really missed certificates!

Of course, due to the sickness of a member of faculty, I was unable to get a certificate today. With the flu doing the rounds, it isn't surprising that he too has succumb to the dreaded flu.

While I would have liked to have spent some more time with my family at home, returning to Brisbane early meant I was able to purchase my course reader and learning guides earlier than I ordinarily would be able to do. Thankfully, it is a textbook-free semester! The grand total for my bound books was a whopping $45! I have had multiple semesters where my total has easily been 10 times that amount! I'm definitely going to be feeling the financial benefits of that!

On the health front, I'm enjoying feeling healthy after giving up sugar. After going to the grocery store I'm noticing it's not exactly easy to be sugar, gluten and dairy free! I generally try to alternate between Rice, Soy and Almond milks, generally based on which ever is cheapest at any point in time. Although I didn't look at the ingredients lists of all the soy milks on the shelf, I couldn't find any that were sugar free! I'm sure that there are some out there and that I'll just have to search harder.

On that note, I'm off to bed. Tomorrow will be filled with beginning some rudimentary readings for this semester.  I'm also planning on doing a fair bit of cooking to build up my frozen meals to make it easier for the semester! Yay!

Good night world!

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